Prisoners: How a father tried to find an abducted daughter

Last Friday I watched a movie called Prisoners, which was about how a father of an abducted daughter tried to find the abductor. When the police freed a suspect the father kidnapped him and tortured to find the truth about the abducted daughters.

The characters are mainly the detective and the father who occupied most of the part of the movie  and the film was fully depend on how they unveil the truth on the abduction.

The detective was very patient, where he never fall with the emotions of the family. But he was very much influenced by his senior. I think that detectives or investigators shall not be forced or shall they be influenced when they investigate such kind of cases. However, they should be directed or shall be channeled to the right paths. It seems that the seniors will need only the result. They would not mind on how the results are attained. That’s how it works.

A friend of mine who watched the movie with me asked if whether the father was morally right in kidnapping and torturing the person to find the truth. We had a good debate over the topic.

He believes that if the father had not done so, the detective will not be able to find the truth. And the procedures of police and criminal proceedings are too weighted to the accused.

Those procedures were established to maintain the innocence of the people. It’s a universally accepted fundamental right that no person shall be arrested or detained for any alleged offence unless there are substantial evidences to believe that he might have committed the crime. Police shall not be mandated nor shall be given the power to detain anyone on their discretion.

On the other hand, no one shall be subject any harm or torture. Police shall not use force nor any way to “utter confession” from the accused.

I’m of the opinion that evidence shall be collected legally, and no one shall be subject to torture for even heinous crimes. Sometimes, the accused may not be the wrongdoer, but he may confess during the interrogation because of inflicting severe pain and suffering.

Later the kidnapper imprisons the father. She was in a war against God. It’s worth watching the movie.


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