Back to Blogging After a Year

It has been a year since I posted my last blog post.

Last 12 months I had mixed feelings, where none of my writing hopes and plans worked. I made some plans that I  will  at least write something good on each day. But none had worked well.

I do had some plans on reading . I read Nazi officer’s Wife, a book based on how an ordinary Jew survived in Holocaust, and how did she made her way from Germany to England and finally to Israel. It was very heart breaking that how she escaped from the asparagus field works, and how she pretended that she’s a Jew and made her way to a safe destination.  After couples of days now I’m reading the Fault In Our Stars. Reading many articles, blog posts, documents related to my work, and News Papers I had acquainted  and attached them so much. I have some more books waiting in the queue which includes The Mocking Bird, Anna Frank, The Republic.

With regard to writing, I had a bad experience. I do start with lot of topics and headings. I do write on lot of subjects. But with the belief that I need some time to re-read and re-draft the texts, all of it falls in the queue again. And all those texts are still in the queue left untouched. Most of them are not related to the current context. I had a feeling that I should write a at least an article a day, and should re-write and edit it on the next day. But the next day has not yet come. I do believe that I still shall follow the same pattern but should never leave any text in the queue.

I had some books on creative writing. I read often on the topic. What I found now is that I need to write before I’m try to become a creative writer. Firstly I should have some ideas to write regardless of the creativity. Thereafter only I should spend some time on re-shaping, creating, modifying, modeling and adding colors to the articles. Most of the writers often advice to write write and read read and read more.

I had some poems made. I thought poems should be posted on other blogs because the interests of the people may differ. However, I have decided to stop keeping mind on those blogs and focus on one blog.

Writing relieves stress and it keeps me fresh in most of the times.

Here again I’m starting with another hope that writing should not stop. I know it’s a new step, a debut, that has lots of steps ahead, and the final destination in these step-full journey is limitless.



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