Once again, the Earth is flat

As the technology and human development is tremendously growing, it is supposed to achieve the unimaginable. Some of the random thought that comes to my mind is as follows:

  1. Everyday apples keep everything away. The norm is that every day an apple, keeps the doctor away. The healthy-advice will be modified as the apple appliances and other technologies are growing too fast. In future, in everyday life, we will keep only apples, to eat and to operate. I am an Apple fan. Maybe my comments are biased as to how the apple will grow up.
  2. Legitimating the illegitimate.  Laws are to protect the people. All sorts of people. The modern trend is to protect the accused as much as possible. Our tax monies are spending on their rehabilitations.
  3. Think about the accused prosecuting against the victim, and penalizing the judge and victims family. As the Zimmerman escaped from guilty verdict of killing an innocent black boy;  Casey Anthony escaped from the guilty verdict of her daughter, who took more than a month to report about the missing child, later made stories to the police, however juries found her not guilty of the murder. On the other hand, the police officer, who interrogated the accused and found other crimes committed by the murderer is free from his wrong doings, and the police officer is facing sever charges on grave misconduct. The PACE has made his guilty; however, every law of the states should be prioritized in protecting lives rather following the ridiculous criminal procedures.
  4. In addition, rationality has no place within the society. Logic has swayed to another part of the universe. People are empowered in a way to deny crimes he commit and defame all the institutions, and walk free from the courts.
  5. As rationality, logic, and reasoning have far reached from the general conscience, our attitudes and thinking are not also expectable. There comes another philosopher or a traveler who claims that the “world is flat, and if you go too far you would fall off.”

This is my debut in these kind of challenges. Ignore my grammar. thank You




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