A Friday Afternoon in Hulhumale’


I left Male around 5 pm by a ferry which took around 30 minutes to reach the destination-a reclaimed island.Image


It’s an artificial island-made from reclamation-now population proliferating rapidly. Many backpackers, newly wedded couples, and people in groups around the world spend their holidays in the sunny sandy beaches during the day.




Locals spend week-ends here with their children, friends, and family. The newly man-made island has now a natural beach followed by a green lagoon.



Many Vessels were moored in the entrance of the main harbor which brings a vivid picture. When the sun sets the vessels were silhouetted against the strong variegated colours of the sky.



Image All photos were taken from an Iphone 5.



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2 Responses to A Friday Afternoon in Hulhumale’

  1. Hei, these photos are amazing!

  2. Marthin says:

    Thank You, Cristian.

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